The objective of the ENTRANZE project is to actively support policy making by providing the required data, analysis and guidelines to achieve a fast and strong penetration of nZEB and RES-H/C within the existing national building stocks. The project has intended to connect building experts from European research and academia to national decision makers and key stakeholders with a view to build ambitious, but reality proof, policies and roadmaps.

The core part of the project was the dialogue with policy makers and experts and focused on nine countries, covering >60% of the EU-27 building stock. Data, scenarios and recommendations have also been provided for EU-27 (+ Croatia and Serbia), later EU-28 (+ Serbia).  Read more ...


Interactive online Data Tool is accesible via this website.

An in-depth analysis of the structure and dynamics of buildings and related energy systems in EU-27 (+Croatia and Serbia).

Laying down the pathways to nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. A toolkit for policy makers

Policy scenarios and recommendations on nZEB, deep renovation and RES-H/C diffusion

Online Scenario Results

Online Scenario Results are available here

This tool provides the results of alternative scenarios of development of the building stock and its energy demand for nine target countries and the EU-28 up to 2030.