Cost optimality


Cost of energy efficiency measures in buildings refurbishment: a summary report on target countries

The aim of this report is to set the costs of different energy efficiency measures to be considered in the scope of this project. This report is an essential input for the main calculations and forecasts carried out in further reports.

The group of energy efficiency measures considered in this report is set to be applied to four different kinds of buildings: single family houses, apartment blocks, offices and schools. However, the data gathered are also valid to evaluate the global cost for a large typology of buildings.

The collection of cost data is an important component of the cost-energy curves developed in this project, which are needed for the cost optimality calculation of the different measures or packages of measures.


The report is available here: Summary report on cost data for target countries (0,7MB, PDF)

Report on Cost/Energy curves calculation

This report presents the Cost/Energy curves calculation and analysis focusing on renovated buildings in residential and tertiary sector.

Existing buildings refurbishments play a crucial role to reach energetic and environmental targets for Europe. For this, nearly zero energy strategies, cost optimal interventions, and their relations have to be explored also for renovation buildings, both in residential and in tertiary sectors.

Cost/Energy curves are presented and assessed in several analysis, with indications for the selection of cost-optimal and nearly zero energy EE and RES technologies/strategies for different building typologies. The report presents also an assessment of curve sensitivity with respect to the main economic input data.


Cost tool: Spreadsheet for assessing the impact of policy packages addressing the building sector based on the national Cost/Energy curves



The tool is under continuous use and development. In order to make sure that you have access to the most recent updates and all relevant information, the tool package is available after request Prof. Lorenzo Pagliano and Marco Pietrobon, Politecnico di Milano via email and in copy to


This spreadsheet allows to assess the policy impact of renovation packages in existing buildings, by cost/energy curves and clouds. This tool focuses on building renovation and provides a comparative analysis expressed as a dot plot (cloud) graph of global cost versus (net) primary energy of various renovation options. This spreadsheet produces both graphical and numerical outputs.


Database of EE and RES technologies: Energy/Cost matrices

These spread sheets include a quantitative assessment for 10 representative climates of target countries. From the results of previous calculation/data collection activities, a database containing technoeconomic data of technologies and building families has been set up. Each sheet include the selection of 20-30 packages of energy efficiency measures according to cost-optimal calculation. The matrices include the energy use and primary energy consumption associate with each service, as well as the initial investment cost of each technology included within each package of measures.


The aim of this deliverable is the comparison in terms of initial investment cost and (net) primary energy consumption of the most suitable packages of energy efficiency measures for each climate and type of building (SFH - Single family home, AB - Apartment block, office and school).

Following spread sheets are available: