Building sector and energy demand in target countries

Reports on "The challenges, dynamics and activities in the building sector and its energy demand in target countries"of ENTRANZE Project has been published in December 2012.


Reports briefly describe building stock and other framework conditions (rate of new building construction, documentation of previous refurbishment activities, U-values, age of buildings, geometry, energy efficience class, type of use, etc.) in each project target country.


Heating and cooling energy demand and loads for building types in different countries of the EU

This ENTRANZE working paper presents the main results of the heating and cooling loads’ analysis and the energy demand for representative building types.


Based on the definition of building types and in partial overlap with the cost-optimality analysis, the results obtained for several reference cases are used to calibrate the thermal calculation module in the model Invert/EE-Lab. With this model the thermal loads and energy needs (for heating, cooling and DHW) of all building types in investigated EU countries can be derived, which is the basis for the development of scenarios and policy analyses.


The report is available here: Energy demand and loads for buildings (3,4MB, PDF)

Cost of energy efficiency measures in buildings refurbishment: a summary report on target countries


This report provides a selection of the main energy efficiency measures to improve the building energy performance, as well as the cost data associated to these measures. It is based on the data collection which was carried out during WP3 (Tasks 3.3 and 3.4). It focuses on the 9 target countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain).


The report is available here: Summary report on cost data for target countries (0,7MB, PDF)