ENTRANZE on EUSEW 2014 in Brussels

11. 07. 2014


EU Sustainable Energy Week 2014 - High Level Policy Conference, 23-27 June 2014, Brussels


Teaming-up with policy makers for a future Nzeb building stock


The intelligent design of integrated policy packages will be crucial to achieving ambitious energy and CO2 savings in the building sector. The ENTRANZE project aims at stimulating the policy making process by providing evidence-based and tailored policy recommendations.


The event looked into how Member States can achieve a strong and fast penetration of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings as well as renewable heating and cooling within the existing building stocks. It focused on innovative policy sets and implementation solutions for nZEB and RES-H/C carried out in an integrated, effective and efficient way.


ENTRANZE consortium leader, Dr. Lukas Kranzl from Vienna University of Technology opened the event followed by speeches of other project partners.


  • Status quo of Europe’s building stock: The ENTRANZE Data Mapper (Bruno Lapillonne and Carine Sebi, Enerdata)
  • Behaviour and nZEB acceptance (Kaisa Matschoss, NCRC)
  • Technology and cost options for nZEBs: (Lorenzo Pagliano, Polimi)
  • The existing policy framework and nZEB challenge ahead (Bogdan Atanasiu, BPIE)
  • Policy scenarios for nZEB renovation in the EU MS (Lukas Kranzl, TU Wien)
  • Policy recommendations and innovative policy sets for moving towards an nZEB future (Veit Bürger, Öko-Institut)


EUSEW 2014 presentation covering above mentioned topics is available in section Resources/Presentations.